Vacation in Kentucky??

Jennifer (another flight attendant) and I went on a Day/Night trip to Covington, KY.  Why? Because there is a German town less than 3 blocks from the hotel we stay at when we overnight in Cincinnatti.  MaiFest just happened to be going on, which is sort of like Oktoberfest, but in May. 
We experienced trying to non-rev on an actual Delta flight for the first time, which was annoying but whatever.  The gate agent bumped us up to first class :)  Normally we would order a drink because they are free...but Jennifer was in her uniform (from just getting in from an overnight) and I am still sick, my eye would NOT stop watering! so I just ordered an orange juice.  We flew over Chicago, that was pretty cool, I'd never seen it during the day from the sky.
We get to our hotel and its sunny and beautiful out!  Then the clouds start coming in... and they are dark.  We knew it was supposed to rain but we were just going to deal with it.  It starts down pouring!  Neither of us brought an umbrella so we are sitting in the hotel watching the rain, hoping it goes away.  Then it finally does, turning out to be the perfect night.
Getting home sucked.  We woke up at 6:58am.  Our direct flight home was at 6:50am. Oops.  We took a flight from Cincinnatti to Detroit thinking we would have a better chance of getting home.  Every single flight to Minneapolis was oversold by 5 with 22 people in front of us on the standby list.  We figured out that we had to fly to Sioux Falls, SD first, then take a plane to Minneapolis from there.
All in all I pretty much had the best night ever, we are planning on going back when MaiFest isn't going on so we can see the buildings better and check out the bars more.