The entire month of April I'm on reserve (on call.)  I've worked 6 days so far. Most of the flights have been a "there and back" trip so I haven't been spending night in hotels. I flown to Bismark, Fort Dodge, Mason City, Providence, Houston, Lincoln and Des Moines.  Two of those were overnights, Houston and Des Moines.  Both were super short overnights so basically I didn't sleep.  Especially in Des Moines.  There was a wedding reception going on at the hotel.  My room was overlooking it.  I wanted to cry.  I have 4 days of reserve left for the month...I'm hoping to get a CDO line for the month of May (overnight flights.)

This is the view of the wedding reception i had from my window

Chicago from the sky = amazing

This was my last four day for the month of March. Again, I don't have anything to write because I threw my paper away and I can't remember much.  Our overnights were Lansing, Portland ME and Chicago. The only new bedspread is Chicago. The hotel was awful :/

In love with Dallas

This trip was almost a month ago.  The first night we stayed in Dallas, it was about a 22 hour layover.  The hotel we stayed at was originally built for IBM, but something didn't work out so they turned it into the nicest hotel EVER.  I spent a flight writing down the past 4 trips I've worked, then I put that piece of paper on my dresser, which ended up in the garbage when i cleaned my room...so there will be no stories.  The overnights were Dallas, Boise & St. Louis.  I've already put up the bedspread from St. Louis so it won't be on here.  The picture of the pool is from the hotel in Dallas, I would do all of my flights to Dallas if I could.


it's been 6 months..

I tagged along to a friends photoshoot today and he let me take some shots :) It's seriously been about 6 months since I've shot...


Colorado Springs

Wine Tasting in Portland!

For my mom's 50th birthday we took a little trip to Portland, Oregon to go wine tasting!  We got to the airport pretty early on Wednesday and didn't make it on the first flight.  The next flight my mom and I got on, but my dad didn't.  He ended up getting out on the last flight of the night.  So my mom and I went and picked up the rental van which had sweeeet back windows! they rolled down!!  Thank God for the garmin, we would have been so lost without it, even though it sent us to the ghetto twice while we were trying to find a winery.  We ended up just going to target to get some water bottles and then went to a cantina for some beer and chips.  The cantina was in a building that looked like an old church. I'm pretty sure I fell asleep at 9pm that night, before my dad started snoring...yesssss!
The next morning we got up and moved to a different hotel.  We went to Multnomah Falls (which I just noticed that it was in the movie twilight.) 
 It was super cold up there. I wanted to go on the bridge so we walked up there and some other people warned us that it was covered in ice, so my mom and dad watched me slip and slide trying not to fall.  After we were done with that we went to two breweries.  Widmer Brothers was the first one we went to, we got lunch there as well.  The second one we went to was the eagle something, it was supposedly haunted, the beer i had there wasn't that good.  We drove around for a while and went over a few cool bridges.  We then went back to our hotel for free cocktails and snacks, we sat in the lobby area for about 3 hours playing Phase 10 waiting for my aunt and uncle to fly in.  They were at the airport all day trying to fly out, they ended up having to take Alaska airlines to seattle, then hop on horizon airlines to portland.  I think they got in at like..10pm or something.
We woke up early on Friday and got breakfast.  This was the day we went to all of the wineries, i think we ended up going to about 7 or 8.  I was SO sick of wine by the end of the day. All i wanted to do was go back to the cantina we were at on the first day.  So we did, but it took us about 2 hours to get there because I typed in oregon on the GPS instead of washington....oooops?
Saturday afternoon we left and got on the flight back to Minneapolis, sat in first class :) so much nicer than coach!


I don't want to write.