Vacation in Kentucky??

Jennifer (another flight attendant) and I went on a Day/Night trip to Covington, KY.  Why? Because there is a German town less than 3 blocks from the hotel we stay at when we overnight in Cincinnatti.  MaiFest just happened to be going on, which is sort of like Oktoberfest, but in May. 
We experienced trying to non-rev on an actual Delta flight for the first time, which was annoying but whatever.  The gate agent bumped us up to first class :)  Normally we would order a drink because they are free...but Jennifer was in her uniform (from just getting in from an overnight) and I am still sick, my eye would NOT stop watering! so I just ordered an orange juice.  We flew over Chicago, that was pretty cool, I'd never seen it during the day from the sky.
We get to our hotel and its sunny and beautiful out!  Then the clouds start coming in... and they are dark.  We knew it was supposed to rain but we were just going to deal with it.  It starts down pouring!  Neither of us brought an umbrella so we are sitting in the hotel watching the rain, hoping it goes away.  Then it finally does, turning out to be the perfect night.
Getting home sucked.  We woke up at 6:58am.  Our direct flight home was at 6:50am. Oops.  We took a flight from Cincinnatti to Detroit thinking we would have a better chance of getting home.  Every single flight to Minneapolis was oversold by 5 with 22 people in front of us on the standby list.  We figured out that we had to fly to Sioux Falls, SD first, then take a plane to Minneapolis from there.
All in all I pretty much had the best night ever, we are planning on going back when MaiFest isn't going on so we can see the buildings better and check out the bars more.

Sick in Dayton

Last Monday I was starting out a 4 day trip on the 200.  My throat was hurting all day Monday but I didn't think anything of it. I drove the to airport earlier than I was supposed to so I wouldn't get stuck in traffic.  Within two hours of leaving my house and sitting at the airport I got super sick.  I flew to Dayton and knew I was done.  My head felt like it weighed 400 pounds, I was hot, I had no voice, I don't know how my passengers even heard me, and I had the biggest headache in the world.  We get to the hotel and I get a huge jug of orange juice to bring up to my room.  I called my manager and told her I was sick, that lead to me having to get a list of doctors in the Dayton area, so I could go see one first thing in the morning.
I get to the urgent care in the morning and the doctor told me I can't fly until I've been on the medications for a whole day.  So I was stuck in the hotel room until Wednesday.  I deadheaded home, first to Detroit, then catching a flight from Detroit to Minneapolis.  I thought my ears were going to blow up it hurt so bad. I probably shouldn't have been flying yet but I really wanted to get home.


"Watch your head on the way out."

I knew a day in advance about this two day trip.  Thursday I was so be at the airport at 3:55 pm.  I get a phone call at 7:25 am and they give me an earlier round trip to Bismark. I had so much stuff planned that i had to do Thursday morning! Like pack for the cabin, go grocery shopping, work out ( even though I would have died cause my body is rejecting me.) 
 So I did the Bismark turn on the CRJ-200, it was fine I guess, pretty bumpy in the air coming back to mpls.  Then I sat in the airport for two hours waiting for my next turn to Rochester, MN.  The flight got downgraded from the 200 to the Saab.  I like flying on the Saab, but the only thing that bugs me is I have to tell every single passenger to watch their head on the way in and on the way out.  If I tell one person they duck, and you would think that the person behind them would hear so I skip them, and BAM they hit their head and IIIIIIII get the dirty look????  I can't tell you how many times I've hit my head, try having your headband dig into your scalp so bad you think your head is bleeding.
Coming back from Rochester we only had 9 passengers, and it's such a short flight I didn't have to do a service so I just sat in row one and looked at all the farms we flew over.  I really liked my pilots for this turn.  Richmond was the final flight for the day, I was back on the crj-200 for the flight, which means I had three different crews.  For some reason I was in a really good mood on this flight, you think I wouldn't be because I had already been working for 10 hours.  The flight was 1 hour and 56 minutes.  Both of my 200 flights were on the new Delta Connection planes we just got.  I like these ones better then the other 200's we have, the brake on the carts actually work!  The service took almost an hour, I wanted it to take as much time as possible otherwise i'd be stuck up front bored with everyone watching me.  I read for a half hour after that, I've started "Marshmallows for Breakfast."  I'm just getting into it so I'm not sure if I like it yet, I can say that its a lot better than "The Lovely Bones" though.
The called about 35 minutes before we were to land and told me to sit for the next half hour because were going over a thunderstorm.  I've never seen lightning while i've been in the air before and its breathtaking! I wanted to get out of my seat so bad so I could see more but I probably wouldn't be writing this right now if I did that.
Since I worked by myself all day I didn't take a picture of a flight attendant, and I left my camera at home so I didn't take a picture of the bedspread, but I've already shot this bedspread so it's not a big deal.  We are staying at the double tree hotel in richmond, super nice hotel.  We were given a warm cookie when we walked in!  I would have to say that this bed might be the most comfortable one I've slept in so far. It beats Harrisburg for sure, and that one was nice!
Today we fly out of Richmond at 12:30.  We go to Detroit so the flight won't be as along as Minneapolis.  From there we go straight to Moline, and sit there for TWO hours.  I'm going to search for a microwave so I can heat up my food, it will probably take up most of the time.  From Moline we go to Minneapolis and I am free for the weekend!!!!



I got called in to work today to do any overnight in Green Bay.  I wasn't even mad, I haven't flown in almost two weeks!  It was a 40 minute flight and most of the passengers in first class were sleeping.  I've decided to start a new series on flight attendants.  Just portraits of them on the plane.  Linda was my first shot.  She started in December.  When I told her what I was doing she told me that she's been a wedding/portrait photographer for the past twenty years!  
I looked up the hotel we are staying at earlier today so I knew what to expect.  So when everyone asked what the hotel was like I told the all of the amenities.  I did a better job than the person at the front desk.  So I get into my room, and realize that I don't have my phone.  I look through every pocket of my bags and its not there.  I then go to the front desk and its not there either.  So I figure I left it in the cab...great.  The guy at the front desk let me use the phone to call the driver.  He pulls over on the side of the highway to see if my phone is in the back seat and there it was!  
I fly back to Minneapolis around 12:30 tomorrow, hopefully they will send me on another trip but I want to get back by 7 so I can watch some softballs games.


Ready Reserve

I sat in the airport today for 9 hours.  6am to 3pm. It was so boring, I only saw THREE people with face masks on. Come one people make my life more interesting.  I watched across the universe and transporter. Read some from my book, and then stared at CNN for an hour. If they make me do this again I'm going to quit :(