I got called in to work today to do any overnight in Green Bay.  I wasn't even mad, I haven't flown in almost two weeks!  It was a 40 minute flight and most of the passengers in first class were sleeping.  I've decided to start a new series on flight attendants.  Just portraits of them on the plane.  Linda was my first shot.  She started in December.  When I told her what I was doing she told me that she's been a wedding/portrait photographer for the past twenty years!  
I looked up the hotel we are staying at earlier today so I knew what to expect.  So when everyone asked what the hotel was like I told the all of the amenities.  I did a better job than the person at the front desk.  So I get into my room, and realize that I don't have my phone.  I look through every pocket of my bags and its not there.  I then go to the front desk and its not there either.  So I figure I left it in the cab...great.  The guy at the front desk let me use the phone to call the driver.  He pulls over on the side of the highway to see if my phone is in the back seat and there it was!  
I fly back to Minneapolis around 12:30 tomorrow, hopefully they will send me on another trip but I want to get back by 7 so I can watch some softballs games.


  1. Hi Jess! Just found your site...I love the idea of a series on FAs. That really hasn't been done since the "good old days." Great idea!

    oh and, I can't tell you how many times I've left my phone in the van: )

  2. Hi,
    I'm Linda's sister. That is a great picture that you took of her.

    I'm also a blogger with the goal of sharing my hearing experiences with my cochlear implants.

  3. Love the FA shot...and the blog..keep going!