Sick in Dayton

Last Monday I was starting out a 4 day trip on the 200.  My throat was hurting all day Monday but I didn't think anything of it. I drove the to airport earlier than I was supposed to so I wouldn't get stuck in traffic.  Within two hours of leaving my house and sitting at the airport I got super sick.  I flew to Dayton and knew I was done.  My head felt like it weighed 400 pounds, I was hot, I had no voice, I don't know how my passengers even heard me, and I had the biggest headache in the world.  We get to the hotel and I get a huge jug of orange juice to bring up to my room.  I called my manager and told her I was sick, that lead to me having to get a list of doctors in the Dayton area, so I could go see one first thing in the morning.
I get to the urgent care in the morning and the doctor told me I can't fly until I've been on the medications for a whole day.  So I was stuck in the hotel room until Wednesday.  I deadheaded home, first to Detroit, then catching a flight from Detroit to Minneapolis.  I thought my ears were going to blow up it hurt so bad. I probably shouldn't have been flying yet but I really wanted to get home.

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