Cedar Rapids..

I'm on my overnight in Cedar Rapids, IA. There is absolutely nothing to do here.  When we were driving to the hotel in the shuttle the drive was telling us all about the city when the flood happened.  It honestly reminds me of New Orleans. All the houses are boarded up, you can see the water lines, and the businesses are empty.  I wanted to go out and take pictures of the houses but my day got screwed up and I didn't get out. When i have another over night here I will be sure to take pictures and post them.  We are staying at the Crowne Plaza tonight, I've never had an entire hotel room to myself! It's kinda scary? But it's a super nice hotel and I have two beds, which one to sleep in? I've been here since 12:30pm and now its...6:30 and I just figured out how to work the wireless. sweet.
The CRJ-900 was CRAZY this morning. The flight was 37 minutes. That means no time for me to know what the heck I am doing! Everyone boarded so fast.  My instructor went over paperwork and other procedures with me here at the hotel once we got here.  I'm hoping tomorrow goes better, I have three legs to figure out this plane! And the worst part is I won't even be back on it for at least another month! 
I got my December schedule yesterday, thinking I was going to be on reserve because of my seniority being...young.  Nope, I got a high speed line! AHH!  That means, I am on continuous duty over night.  Fly out of Minneapolis at 8pm, and get back to Minneapolis in the early morning.  Don't know how I feel about this except...I get to be on the Saab the entire month!! YES! And I get to do two flights into Canada.
I have to wake up at 3:30am tomorrow so it's time for bed! Goodnight!


  1. Okay, missy! You are going to make me look bad if you don't start making that picture every day! I like hearing your impressions of Cedar Rapids. I look forward to your pictures, and maybe seeing some side by side comparisons to the New Orleans work. Safe travels to you...I'm off to SF on a 9:15pm flight tomorrow--gate F - something. I'll be making tree pictures in SF, and shooting at the Davies Symphony Hall Monday--the 75th anniversary of the SF Gay Men's Chorus. A friend has written an original cantata that will be performed there Monday night, and I get to shoot the dress rehearsal. If I can be a photographer and an Academic Director, you can be a flight attendant and a photographer--no problem.

  2. So today is 11/29 and I know you are in Texas, but yet there is no blog update today!