High Speeds

The month of December I was scheduled to do High Speeds, or CDO's (Continuous Duty Overnight.)  This means, I fly out of Minneapolis between 9 and 10pm and get to my destination a little before Midnight.  We stay in a hotel for 3-5 hours and then leave first thing in the morning. In Iowa we leave at 5am.  I really don't mind doing these, I get to be home during the day and its nice since its Christmas Break for my friends so I always have something to do!  I don't like working on friday and saturday nights though.
Here are the cities I have been to this month. Hibbing, Thief River Falls, Bemidji, Jamestown, Devils Lake, Mason City, Fort Dodge, Watertown, Pierre AND I have to go to Thunder Bay Canada three times this week.  My favorite place to stay so far has to be Thief River Falls, they make you eggs and sausage in the morning! 
It's been super cold and windy the past couple weeks, and when we fly to mason city and continue onto fort dodge to spend the night, there might be a passenger in row 1, where the door is.  And I have to leave the door open for passengers to get out.  So the passengers in row 1 tell me they are cold, but they aren't the ones standing in the doorway with a skirt on :)  (i'm hoping for ankle warmers for christmas)
I flew to Pierre, SD twice this past week. On wednesday we had a lady who had a service dog on the plane with her.  She looked just like annie just a little bit smaller.  We get a crew car once we get to the airport, the Captain always drives it to the hotel.  The one problem is the the trunk  and doors were frozen shut.  We finally got the doors open but the trunk wasn't going to open. We stay at the Days Inn.  The pillows suck, the towels are scratchy, and  there is a creeper at the front desk that doesn't talk but always has three chocolate chip cookies out for you ( we don't take them.) This is where my first bed spread picture is taken at.

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