Another visit to Duane at the front desk

I've decided that I will never get to fly to Canada. I got switched to Watertown/Pierre again last night. woop.  I got to the airport way too early, and happened to have Harry Potter in my bag.  Em won't start to read Twilight until I agreed that I would read Harry Potter so here we go.
Turbulence on the Saab isn't fun. Especially at take off and landing.  I thought my stomach was going to jump out of my throat. I hate turbulence, especially having to act like its not affecting me so I don't freak out the 6 kids sitting in front of me, that was tough.
I wore my leg warmers, and let me tell you they are fantastic! Even though it was 25 degrees warmer last night and this morning that it was two nights ago, it still helped!
My crew was cool, Kim was the First Officer, super nice. And Jared was the Captain, he's orignally from England.  He says that his favorite place to fly to is Kitchner because it reminds him of the place he grew up.
On the way home this morning, there was a kid crying the entire way back and I felt sick the entire time.  I've decided that I can't drink Pepsi on the plane anymore, I go to bed with a huge headache and go home the next morning wanting to throw up. 
I never knew that ironing boards could have cool covers.  The Days Inn in Pierre has a different one for each room I swear! Since you've already seen the bed spread here are a few of the ironing boards for you!

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