A New Year

Happy New Years! 4 days late.
I've skipped out on writing for a few days so I have a lot to say.

I had the worst flight of my life.  I was sent to Moline, IL on a high speed.  It was on the CRJ-200. A plane I had never seen, or been in.  So I get there early so I can go check it out, but of course the jet bridge isn't connected to it and the door isn't even open, so I'm just freaking out.  Then the captain comes up to me and tells me both of the coffee makers are broken. We finally get into the plane and everything is so messed up, I hate the galley on the 200.  The passengers board and everything and I start to make my announcements and thats all fine.  Then I go to sit in my jump seat, guess who can't get the seat belt unhooked...me.  So I'm just hanging out with the arm straps around me so I don't fall out of my seat on take off.  I get up to make some more announcements and start to get my cart ready for service, turbulence hits and i'm trying to hold on for dear life.  I mess up some more announcements and I get to row two and the guys are asking me if it's my first flight, that means i suck.  The way back in the morning was better but I never want to go back on that plane again. I'm done talking about this now. Here is the bed spread from the hotel we stayed at.

Here are some pictures from my Holiday party I had on the 30th. I set up a photo booth in the laundry room, it was fun!

I got the pleasure of being scheduled to do an overnight on New Year's Eve. I flew to Hibbing and Thief River Falls.  On the way there, I believe there were at least 5 people who brought canes on the plane with them, so boarding took a while.  The flight went pretty smooth, nothing interesting happened.  We got to the hotel (Seven Clans Casino) around 11:50.  I ended up being on the floor above the pilots so I had to take the elevator up.  I got in the elevator and there were two people SMOKING!!!! bleh it was so gross.  The hotel reaked of smoke that night, i didn't know you could smoke in hotels but sick, it must be because its on an indian reservation.
I figured I should so something to celebrate the new year, but being in a hotel room by myself made that kind of hard. So I decided to jump on the bed. And then I documented it. The highest place to set my camera was on the t.v. and I cut my head off.

I was hoping that I wouldn't wake up and have dinner waiting for me on the front table, but we got the best sausage, egg and cheese 'mcmuffins'.  They were huge! I couldn't even finish one!
On the way back to Minneapolis I had to unaccompanied minors, two little skater boys names Shade and Seven. They will be famous one day.

Now that It's January I'm on a new schedule.  I'm on reserve for the entire month, they call me when they need me.  Friday I did a quick turn to LaCrosse, WI and back.  27 minute flight.  I think I was in my car to the airport longer than in the air to LaCrosse.  Sunday I deadheaded to Aberdeen, SD and worked the flight back.  Then worked it there and back once more.  I thought deadheading would be fun because we just get to sit in the back on the plane and watch the other flight attendant work, but I was so bored! The flight was an hour and I left my book at home so the only thing I had to look at was the World Traveler magazine.  When we got back to Minneapolis, the flight back to Aberdeen was supposed to leave right away, I had to switch planes, so I got to the gate and the plane wasn't even there yet, It had just left, so I sat on the bench and called my mom, neither of us had anything to talk about, we were both bored.  Once we got on the plane, there were about 20 old people who were on a tour in Pasadena, CA.  The first thing I told them was that it was -6 degrees in Aberdeen! Haha they were mad, but they were super nice and talked the entire flight so I had something to listen to.  On the way home there were only 5 passengers, pretty quiet ride. Wassau

Now I have today off and back on reserve tomorrow til saturday. I just checked my schedule to see if they put anything up and they gave me a four day trip!  I'm kind of excited for it, just not excited to pack food for four days!

Even more exciting news...Hannah and I are going to Hawaii at the end of the month!!  My aunt and uncle will be down there so we are going to have a great time! If it rains this time I am never going back, that's it!

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  1. too much information! No really, great you are doin a blog....nice photo booth....when is tea?