Bad Idea- The U.P. of Michigan in Winter

Agh. OK.
The weather this week sucks, everywhere.  I got called Monday morning at 4:40 am. Lucky for me I went to bed the night before around 9:30 pm.  I was super confused when they called because I had no idea what time it was.  He told me that I have a 6:10 show.  I had to ask if it was am or pm haha just clueless.  So my trip was to go to Sioux Falls to MSP, MSP to St Cloud, St Cloud to MSP, MSP to Bemidji and then back to MSP.  Before we even took off to go to Sioux Falls crew scheduling called and changed out schedule.  The flights to St Cloud and Bemidji had canceled because of the snow storm so they decided to send us to Houghton/Hancock Michigan!  
On our way to Sioux Falls the flight was pretty boring, I only had thirteen passengers for about an hour flight.  The only funny thing that happened was a passenger told me she has written to NWA about the reading lights and how the light doesn't hit her book right. So she asked me to tell someone about it.  She always sits in the same seat every time she travels, I suggested a different seat.  On the way back I had 25 passengers, over half were going to Honolulu! 
We had about an hour break once we got back before we had to leave for Michigan.  You think that an hour would be enough time for the plane to be fueled.  But it wasn't, we waited with all the passengers in the plane for about an hour.  Then we had to get deiced, which took even longer.  So after being delayed about 2 hours we finally land in Michigan.  I was blinded by how white it was there.  You couldn't see 2 feet in front of you, or maybe there was just nothing to look at, but it was white and snowy.  We board the new passengers going back to Minneapolis right away so we can get out and try to make up time for being so late.  Once everyone is on, we get a call from dispatch telling us that they are doing a ground hold and we can't take it.  So we had to deplane everyone and they were really mad because it was our fault that we couldn't leave obviously.  We got off the plane and find out that they aren't letting us leave until 5:30.  It was 3 at this point.  We were going to sit in the airport in Houghton for 2 and a half hours! 
 It didn't bother me too much, I grabbed a sierra mist and my goldfish and went and sat with all the passengers and read some Harry Potter.  I listened to all the passengers complaining for about an hour then that got old.  There was a 2 year old running around and then decided to climb all over the chair next to me, real distracting.  After the Pilots were fighting with dispatch forever we finally got the OK to go.
We got back and the weather was so bad, I think I sat in traffic for an hour and saw alot of cars in the ditches on the way home.  I made it back to watch Gossip Girl and One tree Hill so it made out for a pretty good night!  Mal and I decided to go work out at 10:30pm for some reason.  The end of my Monday.

This isn't from this trip, it was when we were deadheading home from Omaha, I just didn't do a post.

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