Bye Bye Bunny :'(

We had to put Annie to sleep.  I'm so sick of cancer taking everything away.  She was the best dog ever.  I miss her so much :(

Wednesday was the start of my four day trip.  I walk up to the gate agent and she tells me that we have a high risk fugitive that was on the run with two law enforcement officers.  Lucky me sat in between the two officers in the back. They found him up in Duluth and were bringing him to New Orleans.  The LEO's were super nice, one of them talked to me for most of the trip when I wasn't busy.  He lives in New Orleans, and he started talking about the hurricane.  He said he couldn't find his wife for 3 days.  He was working at the airport when the hurricane happened and when the city was getting a lot of people out on planes.  He said that there were boxes full of guns and knives that people had on them, he also said they found prison jumpsuits in the garbages outside of the airport...(yikes.)Everyone knows that when the seat belt sign is illuminated, you are supposed to stay seated in your seat right? Well not the three flights we had on wednesday! We told everyone to sit down, and they just stared at us, then we said it again, and again.  I don't understand.  Also, I've never seen both bathrooms on a plane being used during the entire flight.
We have to have all of the overhead bins shut before we close the door, I had all of them shut except for row 14 over seats c and d.  I couldn't get it shut, I had to have tried over 20 times.  So I went and got Steven and asked if he could shut it for me, of course he gets in on the first try so all the passengers are laughing at me.  I don't know what's wrong with me this trip but I'm having a hard time with the over head bins.Our trip on Wednesday was Minneapolis to New Orleans, New Orleans to Detroit, and Detroit to Pittsburgh.  When we were flying over New Orleans all I could think about was when we went down this past March.  I miss it so much. Once we got into Detroit it was snowing, the flakes were sticking to the windows when we were waiting for passengers to board and you could see every little detail in the flake.
I think we got to the Holiday Inn around 11 or 11:30pm. Here is the bed spread.

 We were super hungry so Steven and I went to a place called Eat N'Park.  It is kind of like a Perkins, open 24 hours, serves breakfast all day and night.  I got a strawberry lemonade (so good) and a bacon cheese and eggs bagel with hash browns and toast.  I probably could have gone with less food but it was yummy.  We got back to the hotel around 1:50 am and it took me forever to fall asleep.  We wanted to go explore downtown Pittsburgh in the morning so we got up at 7am and headed out at 8am.  We took the shuttle to the airport and from there took the city bus downtown.  It took about 40 minutes total to get where we wanted to.  We went and saw the Heinz Historical Museum.  We got there at 9am, and it didn't open until 10 so we went across the street and sat in the hotel lobby.  The museum was pretty sweet.  Here is my favorite picture from inside.

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