I forgot my camera

Last night at 8:01pm, after waiting all day long to get a phone call, I got one as I was about to go to a friends house.  They were sending me on a high speed to Sioux City, IA.  This is normally a CRJ-200 high speed but something was wrong with the plane so they upgraded to the 900 and needed another flight attendant.  They told me I had an hour and a half to get there.  I got there at 9:30, the plane was to go out at 9:40.  Crew scheduling told me that the plane would be delayed because they had to call three crew members in.  I was the last one there and they told me they weren't going to hold the plane and we had to go now.
We only had 14 passengers so it was pretty easy, and there was no first class.  The trip was 39 minutes.  The other flight attendant Kevin, graduated the month after I did so it was fun to have two new people working the 900.
I decided I would do the service on the way there and he would do it on the way back.  Before I got to the last passenger the plane starting to go down at a pretty steep angle, I had a 150 pound cart with hot coffee in front of me...  It was so hard to get it back to the galley! I was using all of my force to keep that cart from running me down in the aisle!  Once we landing I asked the captain what he was doing and he said that we stayed up too high for too long so instead of making circles around the airport they decided to just go straight down for it. WHAT THE HECK!
In the shuttle on the way to the hotel, the driver told us that there was a big party going on and they had pizza's left, so when we got to the front desk they gave us a plate and told us to take whatever we wanted!  I couldn't sleep when we got there so I started watching the end of Juno.  Once that was over there was a Rachel Ray special on her trip to Oahu so I watched that until it was so boring I got tired.  I tossed and turned all night so that kinda sucked.  We had to wake up at 5:15 to get to the airport.  Tonight I go to Watertown and Pierre, SD.  

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  1. but ... the bedspread? (slight whimpering)