I <3 La Quinta!

So I'm sitting in my hotel bed at The La Quinta Hotel in Omaha, NE. enjoying my bag of popcorn, ginger ale and listening to the music from Across the Universe.  This hotel room is three times the size of my bedroom!  I have the choice of a King size bed, or four chairs to sit in!! I love La Quinta hotels!  The beds are so comfortable.  I invited Brian to the hotel to come swimming but the roads are really bad here so he couldn't make it.  But that's ok cause we have to get on the shuttle to the airport at 6am tomorrow!  We are deadheading back to mpls so I get to sleep!Two things I forgot to mention about my day yesterday.  1. I saw the Pittsburgh Steelers airplane at the Detroit airport. 2.  A man in first class dropped his bag on top of Steven's head and didn't even apologize!
I really wanted to go sit in the hot tub at the hotel in Harrisburg. The elevator said it was on the second floor, so I found a staircase that said "stairs to the pool."  I opened the door and it didn't tell me which way to go, and the stairs were super dark so I gave up on finding the pool real quick. The plane that we were taking out of Harrisburg was late departing from Detroit due to weather so we had to sit in the airport for a while. I managed to make it to chapter 5 in Harry Potter. 
 This one guy gets on the plane and said since it was overbooked that he was promised free drinks? He was on the plane, so I don't know why he would be mad about it being overbooked.  He told me that he wanted a drink every time I walked by him saying, "don't forget about me, I'm the one in the ravens shirt (which reminds me how bad I want to watch One Tree Hill)"  and there were at least eight other people on the plane who had ravens shirts on.
On the way to Omaha there was a Chris Brown look a like on the flight! I swear they could be twins.  It wasn't him though because he wouldn't be sitting in coach.  I was doing a walk through and a lady's cell phone was ringing really loud.  I asked her to turn her phone off and she didn't understand me.  She said her phone was off, but it was in her pocket and it was clearly ringing.  Steven decided to walk through the main cabin and give out snacks to people who wanted them, such a good little flight attendant!  
Nothing really exciting happened today since we only did two legs.  Tomorrow we deadhead to Minneapolis and then fly to Milwaukee and back then we are done! I really hope crew scheduling doesn't send me anywhere else after we get back. Here's the bed spread for the La Quinta!

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  1. wow, doing a picture of the bed spread at each hotel, pure genius. wow. i havent looked at this for a while but i just caught up fully. pretty sure youre my hero.