Please Remain Seated

Thursday we flew from Pittsburgh to Detroit, Detroit to Lansing, Lansing to Detroit and Detroit to Harrisburg, PA.    They were all pretty short flights, all under an hour.  Once again, everyone got out of their seats before the seat belt sign was turned off at the gate.  Steven and I got on the PA at the same time so we canceled each other out so no one heard us when we told them to sit down :(  The captain said we could call him when it happens again so they can slam on the breaks so people fall over... just kidding, that would be bad.  
The plane coming into Pittsburgh in the morning for us to take out came in about a half hour late because of an oxygen mask, so the first two flights we did were a little delayed.  There was a flight attendant who was commuting to Detroit to work, she was pretty funny. The flight from Detroit to Lansing was supposed to be pretty empty, but then the flight was full! I was getting kind of crabby at this point because 2 passengers brought their bags that were supposed to be checked onto the plane, so I had to bring them back up to the front and it was so crowded, blah.  Then I had 5 people in the back of the plane with me who didn't speak english, so they didn't understand a word I was saying to them.  The girl in 20c kept falling asleep and almost tipped over on me!  On this flight, we just took off the ground and a guy STOOD UP! I told him to sit down and he just kept walking towards me, he said he had to go to the bathroom, how was he going to get into the bathroom when i was sitting in front of the door? AH I was so irritated at this point. The flight was 20 minutes, I had water and orange juice to pass out but there was not time so I just walked up to the front and helped Steven pass out drinks in first class.
When we got back into Detroit we had an hour layover, Steven and I went and walked around, I wanted to see the light show in the tunnel so bad! Here is a video of it!

(It's not uploading the Video...will try later.)

We finally got to Harrisburg, totally wiped out from the day.  I finally got a hotel where my wireless would work.  I blogged wednesday last night and went to bed.  The bed..so comfortable by the way!  And they even put an extra blanket in the closet!  We planned to get up at ten this morning to go do something.  I woke up at 9:30 and called Steven and asked if we could change it to 11 and he agreed!  Fell straight back asleep, had some weird dreams about going to the dentist before going to see Mallory on the 14th, which she told me not to do so I was freaking out haha.  So I finally got up and got ready. 

 I met Steven down in the front lobby.  The shuttle will only bring us to the airport so we decided to just walk to Target, I really needed toothpaste.  We bared the cold, and it is really cold!  We got to an intersection that wouldn't let us walk across, it wasn't the safest intersection to walk across I understand that, but we had no other way to get to Target.  We stood there for a good five minutes thinking about what we should do, then there was a clearing and we ran across!  On our walk back and ran into the Captain who was also walking to Target.  
We got back to the Hotel and I heated up my soup and sat in the bar area and watched some TV show I've never heard of, it was pretty entertaining.  I wanted to go sit in the hot tub so I walked to the second floor and opened the door that said "Stairway to Pool."  It didn't tell me which way to go and it was kind of dark so I chickened out and went back to my room. That's about it, we get on the shuttle to the airport at 3:15pm today.  All we have to do it go to Detroit and then to Omaha, pretty short day. 

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