Welcome to Grand Forks! The local temp is NEGATIVE 35!

I found out about this trip Monday night so when they called me Tuesday morning at 8am I wasn't mad :)  Here is the trip:

MSP to Grand Forks (GFK), GFK to Devils Lake (DVL), DVL to GFK, GFK to MSP, MSP to Waterloo (ALO), ALO to MSP.

Knowing that is was going to be freaking cold I layered myself up.  I had leggings, tall socks, leg warmers, my pants, a tank top, t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, blazer, scarf, ear muffs, gloves, and my jackets.  The only thing that ever got cold was my toes and my nose.  We had an all female crew!  Christina (captain) and Lisa (first officer) woo woo!
The plane was almost full with 29 passengers, packed with people in the air force.  They listen to their music super loud!  I had my ear plugs in (the plane is really loud) and I could hear their music still! It was funny when they got off the plane, they had been over seas for the past two years or something with 80 degree weather everyday and then they come back to freeze! The past two days I've worked Diet Pepsi has been the most popular drink of choice!  It's funny when people ask for Coke and I tell them we only have Pepsi they immediately say Ginger Ale.  I'm not a big fan of Pepsi either but whatev.
There was only one passenger that was left on the plane to go to  Devils Lake.  He came up to the front and said he had a car waiting for him in Grand Forks that was driving him to Devils Lake. That was weird.  So I was all by myself in the cabin to Devils Lake :(  It was kinda fun though.  We missed our approach going into Devils Lake due to a faulty terrain warning so we just ended up flying back to Grand Forks.  We had to leave 2 passengers in Devils Lake.  Nothing happened on the way back to Minneapolis.
So we went on our way to Waterloo.  It was a pretty short flight and everyone was pretty much sleeping.  We boarded the three passengers I had to bring back to Minneapolis.  Two pilots and a lady.  They deiced us in Waterloo and by the time we got to the runway we had snow built up on the plane, so we had to have them come out to the runway and deice us again.  The snow was coming down so hard that by the time they finished we already had snow all over the wings.  They have really weak deicing fluid so the pilots were really mad.  We had to bring the plane back to the gate and deplane everyone.  We sat in the crew room for about 2 hours before dispatch told us they were canceling the flight and gave us a hotel.  
We call the hotel to get the shuttle to the airport to get us, and they tell us that because of the weather they won't come get us. Just a joke.  So Tammy (works at the airport) said she would drive us to the hotel.  It was really bad out, the snow was just blowing everywhere! She was really cool, she said that if we ever come down on a saturday to call her and she would take us to the casino or go to the bars. Once we get to the hotel we are trying to figure out if they are going to shuttle us to the airport in the morning, and they say, "maybe, depends on the weather."   So Christina called the airport and they said they would have someone pick us up in the morning or send a limo to get us.  
Our call time in the morning was 7:30am so we couldn't even go out or anything.  My room was toasty when I opened the door, I left it like that until I couldn't stand it anymore.  It was only 10pm so I watched scrubs for about an hour then went to bed.  We got down to the Lobby in the morning and find out that the 8am flight is canceled, they decided not to tell us.  So we end up ferrying the plane back with no passengers.  We didn't get the plane off the ground til 10 that morning. Sat in the crew room for another 2 hours doing nothing.  I just wanted to be home, I wasn't even supposed to work on Wednesday it was my day off, so they gave me today off instead!  
Yesterday I was Mal's first patient :)  Here she is at her first appointment!

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