A week of vacation

I'm going to do this day by day, otherwise it might possibly be the longest blog in history.

Sunday January 25th, 2009

As a result of oversleeping, Hannah and I got the the airport security checkpoint two minutes after our first flight left.  Then it took a little bit longer to get through and we missed another flight.  We were both starving so we went to burger king, hoping that they had their breakfast burritos at the airport, but they didn't.  Neither of us finished what we got.  I think I ate 5 tater tots and through the rest of them away.
After sitting in the airport for almost 6 hours talking to Pam & John non stop about what to do next, we finally got on the 2:30 flight that went through Seattle.  We were assigned our seats and were maybe 4 rows apart.  We were going to ask people to switch seats with us but I ended up getting asked to move even farther back.  Once I was in that seat, the lady next to me asked if i would go back and switch with her mom so she could sit next to her daughter.  After walking back almost 20 rows I saw that I was going to be surrounded by the University of Alaska Fairbanks hockey team...no big deal.
I wanted to die.  I hate sitting in coach, I was so crunched even sitting in the aisle seat.  Who knew four hours to Seattle could be so painful.  I put my feet out in the aisle, but with enough room for people to walk by my without tripping, but everyone managed to kick me as they went by.  Finally the plane landed in Seattle, since Hannah was almost at the front of the plane she got off before me and headed straight to the gate agent to upgrade us to First Class for the rest of the trip, thank..god.
First we ordered a glass of champagne (drinks are free in first class.) Then all I wanted was the bloody mary mix on ice, then water, and orange juice.  We also got dinner!  There was a ceasar salad, a roll, strawberries, grapes, and a lasagna roll up that was really dry.  For desert there was some chocolate cheesecake or something, but it was really good.  The movie of the trip was Nights in Rodanthe.  I had wanted to see it all summer and never did.  I was so dissapointed.
We had taken our shoes off once we sat down, and when we had to put them back on we couldn't get our feet in because they were so swollen!  Pam and John picked us up and the airport and they brought us lei's!  Once we got the hotel all we wanted to do was pass out and sleep, and that is what we did.

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