Frozen Feet

February 13th - 15th, 2009

This is the first day of a three day trip. Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Each morning we had to wake up before the sun had risen.  Our first flight was to Appleton, WI.  When we got in the air the sun was just starting to rise, one passenger decided to put his sunglasses on instead of closing the window shade.  During the one hour long flight, I would say 4 out of the 23 passengers actually were awake.
Our next leg was to Houghton/Hancock, MI.  I only had 13 passengers on this flight, so they were mostly sitting in the back of the plane.  There was one passenger seated in the exit row that had the worst B.O. ever.  I could smell it all the way up in the front of the plane.  I felt bad for the passengers sitting right next to him.  My parents came home from Florida right before I left for this trip.  My aunt had given my mom a few books to read, and The Other Boleyn Girl was one of them.  I went and saw the movie when it was out last year and really like it so I decided I could try to read it.  It's harder to read than I thought and I keep getting the characters mixed up.
On the way back to Minneapolis from Houghton/Hancock, we were only supposed to have 10 passengers.  But the flight on the CRJ-200 that was supposed to go out before us broke down, so we ended up taking all of their passengers.  We ended up with 3o, and there were two love birds sitting in row one kissing the entire time.
Once we got back to Minneapolis we flew to St. Cloud to spend the night.  Every single passenger was a world perks elite member, usually we only have about 6.
Saturday we flew back to Minneapolis  at 5:30 in the morning.  Our next leg was to fly to Appleton and back again.  I walked out in the jet bridge to drop off some garbage, and when I walked back into the plane I hit my head so hard on the top of the door I actually thought I was bleeding.  I can't believe i wasn't knocked unconscious.   We flew up to Brainerd to spend the night, we were staying at The Lodge at Brainerd Lakes.  The captain's kids and husband drove up and spent the rest of the day with her in the water park.  The FO's wife flew up on our flight and spent the night and flew back the next morning.  It was a really nice hotel, nice hotels usually have wireless internet in the rooms, but this one didn't.  So after complaining to Mallory for about an hour I finally went down to the front desk to get an ethernet cord.  It wouldn't work, so the maintenance guy came up and tried to fix it but that didn't work either.  SO I gave up and went down to their "wireless internet" lobby.  Didn't work.  I went to the front desk to return my cord and they said they have been having trouble with it for days.  If they would have told me that 2 hours ago I wouldn't have been so crabby.  So I watched ABC Family for the rest of the day and fell asleep at 7pm.
When we got on the plane that next morning, the plane hadn't been heated at all overnight.  It was frozen, I was scared to sit down on my jump seat fearing that I would get frostbite.  When we got off the plane, the three of us were walking really weird, we couldn't feel our feet, it was like walking with cement bricks tied to our feet.  I went to the Itasca Grill and ordered some hot chocolate and a hot breakfast to try to warm up, it never really happened. I had the chills for the rest of the day.

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