Goodbye Hawaii

Saturday January 31st, 2009

We decided to wake up super early so we could get in as much sun as possible for our last day.  We started packing alot of our things up so we wouldn't have as much to do later.  Pat's fiance flew in Friday night and I wanted to meet her so I went down to the beach for a while and hung out with them, then met Hannah back up at the pool.  We laid out for probably 4 hours, the most we did all week.  We went back to our hotel around 1pm to finish packing and to get ready to leave for the airport, our plan was to go and see if we could get on the non stop at 5:45 or something around then.  
While we were packing, Pam called and told us there was a flight leaving for Portland in an hour and a half and it was pretty much wide open. So we booked it to the airport and got there just in time.  We each got out own row in the plane! So sitting coach for six hours wasn't that bad.  They showed the movie The Duchess.  I really liked it.  I moved over to Hannah's row and we were flicking the screen off for most of the movie because we didn't understand why Keira Knightley would let that happen to her!
We were maybe 10 minutes out of Portland when the captain comes on over the P.A. and tells us that a Continental flight missed their landing due to the fog, so we missed ours to, and they sent us to Seattle.  Whatever everyone was mad and we were already going to have to sit in the airport til 6 in the morning to get a flight to Minneapolis so who cares.  But there was a red eye flight leaving from Seattle to Minneapolis so we just hopped on that.  Then comes the morning and our bags being lost situation that I don't even want to talk about.

That's the end of my vacation.
It was nice :)

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