North Shore

Thursday January 29th, 2009

Hannah and I decided to make turkey sandwiches around 7am for breakfast.  We were going to go to the north shore today and it was actually sunny out!  Before we went to the beach we stopped at La Mariana Tiki Bar to check it out to see if we wanted to go there for dinner one night.  It was so cool! We couldn't walk inside because there was an inspection going on. After that we stopped at the storage place to pick up some chairs and another pop up tent for Pam and John's pro bowl party.
We set up at the beach on the north shore and laid out on the beach and tanned.  Hannah didn't want to go in the water, so John came down and I went in with him.  I went and go the boogie board and failed, went back to tanning.  We grilled cheeseburgers and the leftover vegetables from the other day.  We stayed at the beach until 4pm.  One the way back to the hotel we stopped at the dole plantation and got ice cream, I think it was called pineapple whip.
My friend Pat from highschool is based in Hawaii for the Marine Corps.  Him and his friend came out to Waikiki and went out with us.  We hung out in the hotel room for about an hour then went to a place called Dukes for a few drinks.  We sat out on their patio on the beach.  After that we went to a place called the Big Kahuna.  It was kareoke night and there were 3 guys next to us who screamed and whistled the entire time, we payed for our drinks the second we got them and left.  We finally got to our final destination, Mai Tai.  It was a bar in the mall but it was wide open and there were no windows, so the breeze felt really nice.  It was packed with the locals, they don't like the guys in the marine corps so we were watching our backs the entire time, it was scary! We took a cab from Mai Tai to jack in the box so everyone could get food.  While they were eating a local came up to the guys and asked them if they were in the marine corps, they said yes, and the guy put his hood up, and walked away to his friends, we walked out the back door at that point.  It was around 3am at this point, the latest we stayed up during the entire trip.

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