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Friday January 30th, 2009

Hannah and I actually slept in a bit today, 9am!  I think it's because we were out so late.  We woke up to the sun again!  We got ready and went to Pam's for breakfast.  After we got done eating the four of us walked down to the international market square.
 I really wanted to find a cool ring that had a turtle on it, but I wasn't impressed with the selection.  I ended up getting a ring that is silver and rose gold and kind of has some engravings in it, hard to explain but i am in love with it.  Hannah was looking for a charm that had three Hawaiian flowers on it, silver bronze and gold.  After looking at 8 different ones she decided to go with a whale tale with flowers on it! It's stunning.
After we were finished with our shopping we went and laid out on the rec deck with Pam and John, finally getting some sun!  We went to La Mariana Tiki Bar for dinner that night, SO COOL!  We made it there for the sunset which was the first and last sunset we saw while we were there.  We were tired (what's new) after dinner so we went back to our hotel and opened a bottle of champagne.  Our beds are uncomfortable and our hands fall asleep while we are sleeping. It sucked

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