Weight & Balance

Our day was short.  We flew from St. Cloud to Minneapolis, then straight to Peoria to spend the night.  I sat in my jumpseat the entire first flight because it was only 17 minutes.  We had two hours between our flights and were switching planes so I grabbed my stuff and headed to our new gate.  I sat and read the entire time.  I said goodbye to Harry Potter and am on a new book.  We boarded the plane, and were ready to go.  We sat at the gate for an hour, while the pilots and the bag people were trying to figure out the weight and balance.  The tail was sitting on the tail stand and wouldn't lift off of it, or something. After the hour of sitting on the plane, we finally deplaned everyone and got a new plane.  All of the passengers were so nice! I didn't get yelled at once!  At one point, a guy walked up to where I was standing and I was expecting for him to yell at me but he just asked for a ginger ale and told me that he was really happy that we were doing this for the safety of the passengers.  I don't think that will ever happen to me again!
Once we got to the airport, we ended up waiting for our shuttle for about another hour.  The Sky West crew decided to get in our shuttle instead of theirs.  They didn't figure it out until they signed in to the Holiday Inn and realized they weren't supposed to be there.  We got a coupon for a free breakfast! I am actually going to set my alarm to wake up at 9am so I can eat :)  We go out tomorrow at 5pm. Goodnight!

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