Ready Freddy?

3 Day Trip.

I started out this trip with a flight to Houghton/Hancock Michigan on the CRJ-200. The plane I hate the most.  I don't talk about trips I take on the 200.
Once I got on the Saab we just had to fly to Dubuque and spend the night.  I was just there last week so you've already seen the bed spread. It's the same one as Peoria.  While I was waiting in the plane for the passengers to come down, the gate agents walks down to the plane and said, "Ready Freddy?"  Haha it was cute.  Nothing exciting happened on the flight, I only had 14 passengers.  Once we got in the shuttle to the hotel, the pilots were just talking to each other the entire time about farm equipment. So I just sat there and stared into the nothings of Iowa.  I got caught up on watching Private Practice and was up til 2am.  I didn't sleep much that night and ended up having the worst nightmares ever.
We planned on getting together for lunch the next day.  It was really nice out, so we walked down to this restaurant called Cooper's Wagon.  I got a Guacamole Burger and Fries.  I pretty much stared out the window while the pilots talked about farms.  sweet. 
There was weather starting to form up in Minneapolis, and we got out of Dubuque just in time before it started pouring out.  The clouds looked horrible from up in the sky.  Turbulence was pretty bad.  Once we got to Minneapolis, we had to do a Duluth turn and then go to Aberdeen for the night.  The flight up to Duluth was packed.  Once we got to Duluth there was freezing rain. I opened the door to the cockpit and all they said was, "We are going to be here for a while."  It ended up only being for an hour though.  I was walking back to shut the overhead bins and tripped over a guys leg and almost fell on my face.  Later in the flight when I was doing my service I hit his knee with the cart and we called it even.  I had to tell two guys to turn their laptop off 3 times. I would walk back and they would close it, then I would see them lit up in blue 2 second later. 
The first officer was telling me all about these children books he reads to his nieces, he was so into it! Even doing the sound affects and voices! I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about!  We had pretty bad turbulence the entire trip, so I was sitting in my jumpseat watching the passengers move with the plane, it was entertaining.  On the flight to Aberdeen this guy got on the plane and asked me if he could go into the little girls room.  I just sat there and stared at him for like 10 seconds until I figured out he was asking me if he could use the bathroom. It was weird.  
Once we got to Aberdeen, my hotel room key didn't work.  The captain walked down with me to the front desk, which was like walking through a maze. I got lost in the morning trying to find my way out.  Once I finally got into the room, I opened up my suitcase to change.  My soup exploded EVERYWHERE. It smelt awful.   Luckily we got a free breakfast in the morning. I ordered biscuits and gravy, which came with hash browns and two eggs.  I wasn't happy about waking up early because I stayed up again watching t.v. shows i had missed from the week before.  But I had to eat breakfast because my lunch was all over my clothes.   After breakfast I went back to sleep til 12.
On the shuttle to the airport the pilots kinda started talking to me and I told them I lived in Crystal.  Turns out the First Officer's friend is the owner of Jet's Pizza (my love.)  The ride back to Minneapolis, I swear i was going to get sick from the turbulence, every second we would just drop, and drop, and drop.
The trip to Waterloo and back was pretty uneventful.  There was a guy from Germany that was sitting right across from me that was talking to me for a while.  He is the spinning image of my friends boyfriend (when he turns 40.)

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