The gate agent told me to ask you...20 times.

I fell behind on blogging. oops.

This trip was February 18th-21st.  My last 4 day on the Saab for a while.  It was the same trip I did the week before so I don't have any bedspread pictures.

Once again we started off the trip with a Grand Forks/Devils Lake turn.  Before we boarded, the gate agent came down and explained that there was an adult that was mentally challenged riding alone, and he though that we were flying him back to Florida where he just came from.  We boarded him early so I could talk to him and tell him we weren't bringing him back to Florida.  Everyone on the plane was really crabby, no one talked during the entire flight.  I was still reading the other boleyn girl, but every flight we had was full so I didn't get to read much while we were flying.  
Once we got to Devils Lake we had the airport make us burgers :)  The first officer was talking about eating minnows right before we ate...it was so gross.  I had an open pop in the cart, and when we landed it tipped over and went everywhere inside.  On the way back to Minneapolis, I hit a guys knee with the cart and got the dirtiest look ever.
On our way up to Duluth, the plane was full (suprise.) We had 33 adults and a baby, the captain said he's never had such a full plane before.  Also, all the the captain kept forgetting to give me the sterile flight deck chime, so I can tell people when they can use their ped's and I can start my service.  I eventually just waited til we were in the air for 15 minutes, figured he'd forgot and then would get up.
During this entire trip, I've never had so many people walk up to me and ask if they can switch seats, at least 6 people a day.  When we were about to leave for Dubuque, the gate agent came running down and told me that a passenger left his phone on the plane in the seat pocket.  There was a girl sitting in the seat and we both check and found nothing.  So she ran back and, and came back down saying that the guy was screaming at her and told her it was there.  So the girl who was sitting in the seat actually found it wedged under the seat in between a metal bar and the wall.  I only had 3 passengers on that flight.  We had pretty bad weather in Minneapolis, I think that is why there were only 3 passengers because of connecting flights not getting in on time.
I joined the priority club at the holiday inn that night because the pilots told me to.  I got two free drink tickets, and every time you go to dubuque you get one free drink.  I met the pilots down at the bar, it was a pretty good time.  The bartender made me try clamato juice, after I told him it sounded sick, but it was alright.  On the way back to the cities the plane was full..again.  There was a teenager in row 1 eating a box of peeps like it was going out of style.
To end this trip we had a duluth turn again.  Full.  There were 20 women who had just gotten back from Rome, who had to bring their roller bags on the plane because of the valuables they bought over there.  I had at least half of them tell me that they weren't fitting in the overhead bins.  Yes, I know they don't fit, thats why we can't bring them on the plane.  The gate agent is supposed to tag the bags, but he told all of the women to ask me if they could bring them on, I was SO mad.

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