Representing the Northwest Suburbs..

I had a 4 day on the CRJ-200 at the beginning of the month.  I still don't like this plane.  The first day of the trip was easy.  We had to deadhead to Cincinnati and then work the flight from Cincinnati to Detroit.  I sat next to this huge guy on the way to Cincinnati, he was tall huge, I don't know how he kept his legs out of the aisle, if he can do it anyone can.  I read the entire time, and well as the 2 1/2 hour sit at the airport before we could leave for Detroit.  I finished The Other Boleyn Girl by the time we got the Cincinnati, thankfully my mom had books in her room and I grabbed one before I left.  The new one I'm reading is called True Betrayals.  Once we got to Detroit, we waited for the shuttle for 45 minutes, to get to the hotel to find out that Mesaba didn't fax over the form to get us rooms, so we had to wait for another half hour.  I couldn't get the internet to work, why can't all hotels just have wireless.  I kept forgetting that we were an hour ahead of Minneapolis.  The people in the hotel were super noisy, I swear the walls were paper thin.  I decided to just blast my rainstorm and keep it repeat for the whole night.  Breakfast only went til 9am, I set my alarm for 8:30, woke up, and went straight back to bed til Noon.  There was no hot water.  I hate Detroit.Leaving Detroit for Cleveland...The gate agent gave me the wrong passenger count and ran off.  We ended up sitting at the gate for an hour trying to find her to come back and count herself.  She said we had 50 adults and 1 baby.  We had 46 adults, 2 children and 2 babies.  Really.  So all of the passengers were mad because of the delay and then there was a baby crying during the entire flight.  The kid in 1c slept with his left eye open. It was creepy.We finally made up time once we got to Wassau/Steven's Point.  We flew back to Cleveland that night, the plane was full again, I was happy it was only a twenty minute flight.  We had to wait another half hour for the shuttle again.  The heat in my hotel room didn't work, I called down to the front office and he told me it was on sensor and should turn on.  It never did.  I just took the comforter from the other bed and bundled up and froze for the night, no big deal.  But it was the crowne plaza so the beds were amazing.  I slept til Noon again.  The next day we had to fly to Detroit.  The plane coming in was delayed because of mechanical issues so we sat in the airport for an hour waiting.  Kim, a lady I did my training with was the flight attendant so it was nice to see her!  The passengers were cranky because of the delay but we got them to Detroit earlier than they were supposed to be there. From Detroit we went to Wassau/Steven's Point again and back to Detroit.  Once we got back to Detroit, John (the fo) went back to Minneapolis and we got a new one (Joe.)  John lives in Golden Valley and Joe lives in Robbinsdale.  On our flight to Cleveland, this guy thanked us for the flight, and as he was walking down the stairs he said, "It's the stupidest thing in the world to make us wait to get off the plane."  WHAT??  The fourth day of the trip we didn't have to fly into Detroit at all! I was so happy!  The flight to Minneapolis was oversold by 6 I believe.  The passengers boarded the plane like turtles.  We had no cold cups so I gave everyone their pop in coffee cups haha.  The flight was 1 hour and 52 minutes, thats way too long, and I couldn't even read so I just sat there and stared at people.  We ended with a turn to Lincoln, NE and back. I was hoping that no one would buy and snacks or liquor so I wouldn't have to go to the crew room before heading to my car, but of course not.  Everyone wanted snacks.  There were only 9 passengers on the way back to Minneapolis. I did my service really quick and finally sat down in row one and read.  It was a good way to end the trip.

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