Meet Me In St. Louis :)

Yesterday we we're supposed to deadhead to Detroit, and then work the flight to Portland, Maine.  We showed up at the Lansing airport at 6:30pm and walked to the gate and the first thing the gate agents said to us was, "They didn't call you?"  The plane hadn't left Detroit yet, they said it would be leaving in about a half hour.  That half hour turned into 3 hours.  Finally at 9:30 crew scheduling told us to go back to the hotel in Lansing and sleep there.  We had to wake be at the airport at 6:30am to take the 7 am flight back to Minneapolis, to just sit at the airport for 3 hours. Saturday was the biggest waste of my life.  Since we slept the entire day none of the crew could fall asleep that night, and since it was daylights savings time we even lost another hour.  Today was crazy, I don't know how I'm still up. Once we got back to Minneapolis this morning Nikki and I found the comfortable chairs in the airport and sat there the entire time.  We had a Fargo turn, there wasn't much to do, just a water and juice service since the flight was 40 minutes.  A Pinnacle flight going out of Fargo had canceled earlier that day so we had 39 passengers from that flight that were supposed to be on a New Orleans flight at 1:30pm.  We didn't get to the airport til about 2.  The air was bumpy all day.  We flew straight to St. Louis once we got back from Fargo.  Nikki and I were getting ready for our service when the plane dipped to the right and everything shook.  The captain called back and told us to stay in our seats and not do a service.  I was not about to fall over and have coffee on me so I agreed.  Nikki passed out drinks in first class after the first shake of the plane, as she was walking back, with a sierra mist, a mixed drink, and a bloody mary the plane dipped again.  I have no idea how she managed to keep the drinks on her tray and spill nothing.  It was magic I swear.We got into St. Louis around 5pm, waited for the shuttle for about a half hour, talking about the barbeque place we were planning on going to for dinner.  We got to the hotel to find out the restaurant lost its power for 4 hours.  We went to this place in the Marriott, it was alright, deff over priced.  I plan on flying here again just so I can see the arch, we saw it from the plane it was sweet :)  We have to wake up at 4am to get to the hotel tomorrow to fly back to Minneapolis.  Then we do a O'Hare turn and should finish up at about 12:30.  They have us on Time Available for 3 hours after that but I think we are just going to go home :)

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