I thought the sun would never rise

Merry Christmas!!! Last night I flew to Hibbing and Thief River Falls.  If I could take tips from people when they bought alcohol I would be a much happier person. It's so hard to give it back :/  Opening the door to let people out in Hibbing was cold, you know, just -16 out.  This morning I thought my ankles were going to fall off they were so cold (but I got leg warmers for christmas woot!) We stay at the 7 Clans Casino when we get to TRF, I walked into my room and it was freezing. So I just blast the heat and wear my socks to bed.  I wake up at 3am feeling like i'm on the beach in Mexico so I get up and turn the air on.  I think I got 3 hours of sleep.  This is also the hotel where we get a hot breakfast that is ready for us in a to-go box.  Instead of getting two eggs, hasbrowns, toast and sausage patties..I open the box to find mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, peas and a ham sandwich.  There was more food in that box that I could ever eat. It was 5am, I can't eat that early in the morning. The ride back was pretty normal.  I was walking down the aisle picking up ( a squirrel just jumped off the roof and onto my deck and it scared the crap out of me) garbage, and a lady stopped me to ask what lake we just flew over.  haha I had no idea where we were, and there were like 50 lakes below us. I thought it was funny.I sat in row 1 for about the last 15 minutes of the flight, staring at the sun, waiting for it to rise.  It was just sitting there, it wouldn't rise, i swear i was staring at it the entire time and it was just hanging out below the horizon. So I got bored looking at it so I started to try to figure out where we were when I saw Cooper High School.  The two awkward circles of the building.  And then I saw the Lions sledding hill so we flew over my house!

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